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Updated April 7, 2024 ~ 3:00 PM

What’s New?


Benefitting the Green Valley Food Bank

250 E. Continental Rd. Green Valley

Friday, April 19th, 2024, Pic-up starts at 9 AM

If you are leaving Green Valley earlier and have donations, please call Sandy and she will pick them up to deliver now.

This will be the 22nd year for our HOA to support our Community Food Bank.  They need small jars of Peanut Butter and also Canned Meat.  Check your pantry for canned items to donate.  The food bank can accept donations for up to 1 year past the Use By Date!! No pre-opened items.

We make it easy.  Just place your donation in a bag or box next to your post light.  We have volunteers who drive all the streets and pick up your donation starting at 9:00 AM.  We then deliver them right down to the food bank.  The HOA will get a receipt and I will report to you our TOTAL of food lbs. and TOTAL of $$ donations.

We can accept checks and deliver them to the Food Bank.  Please let me know if you have a check donation.  Make out your check to the Green Valley CFB.  Write FOR FOOD on the memo line.  Place your check in a sealed envelope.  The Food Bank opens your checks & gives me a Total of all Check Donations.  The Food Bank will send you a receipt for a $ for $ AZ State Tax deduction if you only pay State Tax to AZ.  You do not have to itemize.  Check with your tax advisor.

We have a very special HOA.  How about if every house set out 2 or more small jars of Peanut Butter?  Of course, other items too!

Thank you to your Food Drive Pic-up Committee: Deanna Brooks, Bill & Aleta Edwards, Fred Fischer, Chris Garrick, Anne Morrison, Dan & Delight Sullivan, & Dave Churchill.

Questions, Suggestions?

Sandy Churchill, 805-377-7240.  Food Drive Chairman


2024 HOA Officers

On behalf of the Portillo Ridge Homeowners’ Association (HOA), we would like to announce the new board officers.


Gordon Postlewait will be the HOA President and Fred Fischer will be the HOA Vice President.  Steve Cripps will continue as Treasurer and Nancy Cook will continue as Member at Large.

Their contact information is listed below.


Due to health issues, Nancy Cook would like some volunteers to run the Fourth of July party, or the annual holiday party.  Please contact her if you are interested in helping out.


Cheri Golden has stepped down due to family matters, and we will need someone to assume the role of secretary. 

Please contact Marge Garneau at 520-216-0773 or any board member if you wish to inquire or volunteer.


Our HOA Management Company

Dream Catcher Management Co.

Marge Garneau, MBA


PO Box 1662

Green Valley, AZ 85622

Marge is local, has a vast knowledge of business and financial practices, and manages a couple other HOAs.  Please welcome Marge, and bear with us while we try to right the wrongs and get her up to speed.


2024 Meeting Schedule

HOA Meetings:

Annual Meeting:  January 25th - 4:00 PM – at Las Campanas - Agenda


Architectural Review Committee

Location To Be Determined -

Board of Directors

Location To Be Determined

(2nd Wednesday of the Month)

January - As Needed

January 10th - 9:30 AM - Agenda - at Las Campanas - Acacia Room

February - As Needed

February 14th - 9:30 AM - Agenda - at Las Campanas -Juniper Room

March - As Needed

March 13th - 9:30 AM - Agenda - at Las Campanas -Juniper Room

April - As Needed

April 10th - 9:30 AM - Agenda - at Madera Vista

May - As Needed

May 8th - 9:30 AM

June - As Needed

June - None Scheduled

July - As Needed

July - None Scheduled

August - As Needed

August - None Scheduled

September - As Needed

September 11th - 9:30 AM

October - As Needed

October 9th - 9:30 AM

November - As Needed

November 13th - 9:30 AM

December - As Needed

December 11th - 9:30 AM

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Your BOD may meet one day of each month for a Portillo Ridge HOA BOD Workshop.  These are not mandatory meetings and are open to all residents.  We will be discussing, documenting and organizing all the duties and responsibilities of the HOA’s BOD.

Information about the date and times for the workshops will be made available to all HOA residents.


Dream Catcher Management Company

Dream Catcher Management is our professional community management company.  Please remember to send any general HOA questions or concerns to our HOA management company representative Marge Garneau, MBA at or 520-216-0773.

Our HOA mailing address is, PO Box 1662, Green Valley, AZ  85622.


2024 Board of Directors


Gordon Postlewait, Lot 010

1009 W Placita Novilunio

Tel. 630-849-4909


Fred Fischer, Lot 012

1037 W. Placita Novilunio





Steve Cripps, Lot 18

1064 W. Camino del Desierto

Tel. 805-824-4704


Nancy Cook, Lot 73

839 S. Corte Monte Cristo

Tel. 541-914-0546



2024 HOA Committees

Your HOA Committees provide a valuable service to our HOA.  These are your HOA Committees including the names of the committee volunteers with the chairpersons listed first.


·         Architectural Review: Glen Barnes ( ), Dave Churchill, Joe Fields, Jerry Strasser, Chuck Smith, Howard Grondahl and Jim Chisholm - (ARC Request Log)


·         Audit: TBD


·         Common Area Maintenance: Jim Chisholm


·         Food Bank: Sandy Churchill, Deanna Brooks, Bill & Aleta Edwards, Anne Morrison, Dan & Delight Sullivan, Mack Summers, Chris Garrick, and Dave Churchill


·         Neighborhood Watch: Will Smith – (Block Captains List)


·         Nominating & Election: Will Smith


·         Social: Nancy Cook (Chair), Lynn Chisholm (Newsletter), Carol Rhinehart (Welcoming), Nancy Cook (Christmas Party), Steve & Lois Wilhelm (4th of July Party), Joe & Maryann Fields (Christmas Decorations) and Judith LeClair (Concern & Caring)



2024 Social Calendar

·        January 25th:          ---      Annual Meeting - 4:00 PM - Las Campanas

·        July 4th:                 ---      Independence Day Potluck

·        December ??:        ---      Holiday Party



Your HOA Web Site

This is your Portillo Ridge Homeowners’ Association web site.  Its purpose is to keep you abreast of all the important information occurring in your HOA.  The home page will contain meeting schedules, current HOA Committee Members, Board of Directors information, social events and anything else of importance.  The left side of the page is a menu giving you access to all the “nuts and bolts” of the Association.

Webmaster: Jim Chisholm (primary) & Dave Churchill (alternate)


For comments, corrections or suggestions send email to: