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Updated February 13, 2019 ~ 12:20 PM

What’s New?

Mike Lewis was selected as a Director for our HOA at the Annual Meeting.  Please congratulate him when you see him.



2019 Meeting Schedule

HOA Meetings:

Annual Meeting:  January 18th - 6:00 PM at Las Campanas Recreation Center - Potluck at 5:00 PM - Agenda

Informational Meeting:  October 23rd - 6:00 PM at Las Campanas - Agenda


Architectural Review Committee

At Madera Vista

(2nd Wednesday of the Month)

Board of Directors

At Madera Vista

(2nd Wednesday of the Month)

January 9th - 9:00 AM

January 9th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

February 13th - 9:00 AM

February 13th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

March 13th - 9:00 AM

March 13th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

April 10th - 9:00 AM

April 10th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

May 8th - 9:00 AM

May 8th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

June 12th - 9:00 AM

June 12th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

July - As Needed

July - None Scheduled

August - As Needed

August - None Scheduled

September 11th - 9:00 AM

September 11th - 9:30 AM – Agenda

October 9th - 9:00 AM

October 9th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

November 13th - 9:00 AM

November 13th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

December 11th - 9:00 AM

December 11th - 9:30 AM - Agenda

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Your BOD will be meeting one Friday of each month for a Portillo Ridge HOA BOD Workshop.  These are not mandatory meetings and are open to all residents.

We will be discussing, documenting and organizing all the duties and responsibilities of the HOA’s BOD.

No other business will be acted on during these workshops.

We will be meeting at Las Campanas in the Ironwood Room February 15th and March 15th at 9:30 AM for the next workshops.



2019 Board of Directors




Dave Colicchio, Lot 21

639 S. Placita del Desierto



Mike Millikin, Lot 127

1014 W. Placita Apartada

Tel. 625-4349


Marsha Barnes, Lot 101

1071 W. Paseo del Cantante

Tel. 390-2711


Howard Grondahl, Lot 98

1107 W. Paseo del Cantante

Tel. 509-830-2050


Mike Lewis, Lot 92

941 S. Placita Hermosura

Tel. 330-310-3214

Directors Code of Conduct


2019 HOA Committees

Your HOA Committees provide a valuable service to our HOA.  These are your HOA Committees including the names of the committee volunteers with the chairpersons listed first. 


·         Architectural Review: (ARC Request Log) Dave Colicchio, Mike Millikin, Dave Churchill, Joe Fields, Jerry Strasser, Chuck Smith Jim Chisholm and Bob Garioto


·         Audit:  Bernie Hill


·         Common Area/Median Maintenance:  Jim Chisholm, Keith Allen, Mary Alice Carlson, Sandy Churchill, Fred Fischer, Mike Milliken, John Nelson, Larry and Carol Rhinehart, Mack Summers and Bobbe Trunzo


·         Food Bank:  Sandy Churchill, Margaret Bangs, Deanna Brooks, Russ and Mary Alice Carlson, Dave Churchill, Pat Cleveland, Anne Morrison and Mack Summers


·         Neighborhood Watch:  Glen Barnes


·         Nominating & Election:  Ed Davis


·         Social:  TBD (Chair), Lynn Chisholm (Newsletter), Ellen Kelly (Welcoming), Bonita Davis (Events) and Jan Sink (Concern & Caring)


2019 Social Calendar

·        January 18th:          ---      4:30 PM Social prior to the Annual Meeting at East Recreation Center ~ Potluck Dinner at 5 PM Potluck Flyer

·        July 4th:                 ---      Independence Day Potluck at Madera Vista – 5 PM – Potluck Flyer

·        TBD: ---      Holiday Party @ The Grill on the Green – 5 PM Social Mixer – 6 PM Buffet Dinner – Holiday Party Flyer & Reservation Form


Photo of Associa Arizona’s vehicle

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Portillo Ridge HOA’s management company


Your HOA Web Site

This is your Portillo Ridge Homeowners’ Association web site.  Its purpose is to keep you abreast of all the important information occurring in your HOA.  The home page will contain meeting schedules, current HOA Committee Members, Board of Directors information, social events and anything else of importance.  The left side of the page is a menu giving you access to all the “nuts and bolts” of the Association.

Webmaster: Jim Chisholm (primary) & Dave Churchill (alternate)


For comments, corrections or suggestions send email to: